The Latest Advances In Laptops From Toshiba

The laptop is a machine that has advanced so quickly and so rapidly that there is a laptop for everybody. From the person who only has simple computer needs all the way to the business user who has rigorous demands where their laptop is their lifeline, there are laptops for sale to suit any user’s needs.When considering a laptop purchase, there are three categories of laptops that should be considered by consumers based on the desired use for the laptop. The first laptop is the laptop that is for every day use; the second laptop is aimed at business users, and the third choice is the ever important Ultrabook.

An example of a laptop in the first category is the Satellite C850 by Toshiba. This laptop comes loaded with Windows 8, Four Gigabytes of ram, a five hundred gigabyte and an Intel processor. This laptop is good for someone who wants simple computing at a reasonable price. This laptop costs only 469.99 plus tax and does all that the regular consumer needs. This laptop can access the Internet with built in Wi-Fi, has a built in SD card slot for photographs, and lasts up to four hours on a single charge.

The second category of laptop is for the person who has business in mind. An example of a laptop of this category is the Satellite Pro C840, a true business machine with specs to match. This laptop has an Intel i3 processor that has multiple power saving features that throttle the CPU depending on how the computer is being used. Another upgrade from the first category is the operating system, as the Satellite Pro C840’s operating system is Windows 8 Professional. With Windows 8 Professional, the business user is granted full backwards compatibility and virtualization of previous operating systems and functions.

The third category of laptop is for the person who wishes to travel light, but not give up the features and power of a laptop. One of the laptops, the Satellite U920T Ultrabook packs an Intel i5 processor, along with a one hundred and twenty eight gigabyte solid state drive. The solid state drives are for the truly mobile who wish to conserve battery life and want more reliability than a standard hard drive. The Satellite U920T also touts a touch screen. This allows the Ultrabook to be used as a tablet, or as a full fledged windows machine. For the person who truly wishes to travel light, they will also be happy to know that the battery on this unit lasts up to seven hours on a single charge, making it truly mobile. Other features include an accelerometer, a magnetometer, a gyroscope, a clickpad, BGN wireless Wi-Fi capability, and of course a standard HDMI output to hook up the Satellite U920T to a flat screen television.

Given the evolution of laptops throughout the years, there is always a choice of laptop for the consumer no matter what their need is. From the every day home user, to the high powered business professional, to the person who needs to travel light and get up in a moments notice, there is always a laptop that suits anyone.

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